Partnership with


HarpiaCloud is the brand new Salesforce´s partnership in Latin America.



Meet a tool with high degree of flexibility and customization.

Why HarpiaCloud?


We are expert on what we do.


Harpia Cloud comes as the brand new alternative to the deployment of Salesforce´s solutions. The company is founded by professionals that have more than 10 years of experience in the CRM market, and belongs to the same group of BExpert, company with large knowledge for its excellence on delivery of deployment projects.

Harpia Cloud understands that there is a strong demand for CRM cloud solutions, and that the partnership with Salesforce comes together with this scenario, with all products portfolio offered for a complete strategy for a relationship with the customer: Sales, Marketing, Attendance, Reward Programs, and Social Media Tracking.

- Consultants with wide experience on CRM projects
- Knowledge on customer relationship processes: Sales, Marketing and Services
- Agile methodology for projects delivery;
- Capability for delivering the whole deployment cycle since the vision (roadmap) until the deployed operation support (sustain)
- Wide experience into different industry segments and sectors

What do we do?

HarpiaCloud has a wide knowledge and experience with CRM, and for that reason offers to the market a work of processes consultancy. The focus of this work is based on three pillars:

  • Planning
  • Processes Surveying
  • Systemic and Functional Specification